The world of good and evil

Mu Ye Di suddenly got up and said, “The number of wooden boxes buried in the ground is not small. Since the poison in the boxes can kill scorpions, it is better to take out all these wooden boxes. Maybe it is a good way to get rid of scorpions.” As soon as they heard this, they all felt that the plan was not very safe. For one thing, the wooden box was buried in the ground, and it was covered with dust, so it was not easy to find it. For another, there was a group of scorpions threatening to go deep into the scorpions, fearing for their lives, so they all kept silent. Mu Ye Di, however, had already stepped a few paces to the front of the flame. He bent over and picked up a burning branch. He looked around at the crowd and said, “I’m here for you.” Say, do not wait for everybody to dissuade, double foot a bit, the person already swept empty to come out, all concerned eyes fell on him at once. I saw the wild flute swept out three Zhangs, castration has been exhausted, began to fall. At this moment, he forced himself to twist his body, head down and feet up, and shot down. At the moment when he was about to fall to the ground, his left hand suddenly came out, and the scabbard in his hand was a little bit on the ground. Then he flew out again. “He needs to fall to the ground after all,” they said. "Once he falls to the ground, won’t he be immediately besieged by scorpions? Just as he was thinking,304 Stainless Steel Coil, Mu Ye Di’s body fell again. This time, he threw the burning branch out of his hand. Where the flames fell to the ground, the scorpions fled. Mu Ye Di’s body fell to the ground happily, and with a sound of “Zheng”, the sword had come out of its scabbard, but a cold awn flashed out, and the sand and gravel on the ground were flying all around. As soon as they came to their senses, Mu Ye Di had picked out a box with his sword. False pick in the air, a strong shock wrist, the wooden box has been broken,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, the contents of the box fell to the ground. When they saw it from a distance, they were all delighted with it. They thought to themselves, “The flag of the Muye Flute has won. This box of poison can also destroy a large number of poisonous scorpions.”. Makino Di moved quickly, ignited a piece of wood on the branch, and immediately swept out again, doing the same, this time, two vertical behind, he has disappeared from people’s vision. When they saw that his wrist was sharp, they could not help but put down their hearts, which were hanging for him. They quickly felt at ease to resist the scorpion array, hoping that Muye Flute could win by surprise from another direction. Si Rushui gazed at the direction of Muye Flute, with a strange expression, as if he had fallen into deep thought. Meng Yue said with relief, “Mu Ye Di is highly skilled in martial arts. Even if he can’t defeat the scorpions with the poison in the wooden box, he must be able to get away with it.” Si Rushui was silent. After a moment, he suddenly said, “Maybe he won’t come back at all.” Meng Yue was stunned and asked strangely, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, “Does Mr. Si think he can’t deal with the scorpions and may be worried about his life?”? Si Rushui gave a wry smile and said with a complicated expression, “It’s only because he can deal with the scorpions that he may not come back!” His body has been eroded by toxins, and it is not easy for him to say so many words in one breath. When Miner heard this, her body shook. Regardless of the fact that the toxin in her body was still spreading, she said eagerly, “Why did Mr. Si say that?” Meng Yue saw that her face was red and her lips were cracked and blistered. She was so frightened that she put her palm behind her and sent the true power of her body into her body. Seeing this, Gu Luan did the same and protected his heart for Shuihongxiu. But in this way, the speed at which they are invaded by toxins will naturally accelerate. There was a look of worry in Si Rushui’s eyes. “I hope my guess is wrong,” he sighed lightly. Although Miner knew that it was not appropriate to say much at this time, she had remembered a very strange thing in her heart, forcing her not to keep silent. Many thoughts flashed through her mind like flying. Finally, her eyes flashed with extreme astonishment. She looked at Si Rushui and said word by word, “Does Mr. Si suspect that he has another mystery?” Her words only to Si Rushui, but everyone heard this, all frightened, although she said only the word “he”, but everyone knew in their hearts that she was talking about the wild flute! Si Rushui gave Miner a strange look, then nodded slowly. Miner’s expression changed greatly, and she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but suddenly she felt a pain in her chest, and she couldn’t say a word any more! But her limbs have gradually become numb, as if injected with lead, especially heavy. In fact, at this time, Shui Hongxiu and Si Rushui were almost the same as her.
Si Rushuikong has a world-shaking medicine, surrounded here, facing only scorpions, but no medicine can be used. The conversation between Miner and Si Rushui sounded almost incredible to others, and outsiders had no way of knowing the exact meaning of their words. Just then, a strange scream came from the west side of Juegu. The sound was as sharp as a needle and spread far and wide! Si Rushui and Miner shook at the same time and looked at each other pale! By this time, the arc-shaped “wall of fire” had begun to weaken, and the scorpions, which had retreated ten feet away, began to surge in again. Finally, there was a flame in the middle section that jumped a few times and went out. Immediately, dozens of scorpions swarmed up, and these scorpions, almost like human beings, knew how to choose the right time. As soon as the whisk was raised, the hair at the front end of the whisk suddenly opened, and the root was as straight as a needle. Under the flash, dozens of scorpions were all killed. Once again, the gap has been blocked by a fire moved from elsewhere! A few more fires were extinguished, and the sorrowful God tried his best to rescue them and plug the gap again. But the fire is getting smaller and smaller, and it can’t last much longer. The situation is precarious, at this time is not only Si Rushui, water tea a few of them, even the painstaking master and Guzhi also because of inhaling scorpion venom too much, and there is a feeling of vomiting, the body’s True Qi is also gradually weak. The figure of the wild flute did not appear, and the scorpions showed no sign of retreating. Si Rushui heaved a sigh of relief and said, “If my guess is right, the sharp sound just now was made by the Muye flute.” “But why?” Asked Gu Luanqi. Si Rushui smiled strangely and said, “He wants his companions to rescue him from the valley.” “Companion?” Gu Luan is stupefied, understand very quickly come over, surprised tunnel: “He.” He and.. Are you working with the people who trapped us? Si Rushui sighed, "As the old saying goes,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, if you say something in person, you will not say it in person.“. But the matter has come to this point, and I have to say what I am thinking. The senior guessed well that they were most likely members of the same religious organization. 。 ”https://www.sxthsteel.com/showroom/stainless-steel-decorative-sheet.html">sxthsteel.com

The strongest abandons less

Seemingly knowing that he had never heard of it, Borong went on to say, “Thirty years ago, there were two golden elixir monks. They were very good friends. Although they were both casual practitioners, they were very loyal to each other.”. On one occasion, they explored a cave house left by their predecessors and found a’grass returning Dan ‘in it. These two people are the golden elixir consummation, ’the grass also Dan’ is the necessary thing to two people, moreover is relates to two people whether the promotion yuan Ying’s elixir. Unfortunately, there is only one’Cao Huandan ‘, and only one of them can be promoted to yuan Ying. Even if he knew that he had no problem entering the golden elixir test tablet, he also wanted to know the result of the story and how the’grass returned to the elixir ‘was finally distributed. How to distribute it later? Without waiting to be asked, the little monk named Chen Yugen asked first. Bo Rong continues to say: "Those two people are very good friends, want to give ’grass returns Dan’ to the other side, but two people neither want.". It’s just that the news that they got a’Cao Huandan ‘was known by another monk, who was also a nun, who was also a golden elixir, and who knew both of them. Once three people chatted, the topic led to’Cao Huandan ‘above. The nun told them that she had a good way to deal with the problem. After looking at it, Borong went on to say,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, "The two of them asked the nun what to do, but the nun said, ’Cao Huan Dan’ is of course for people with better aptitude.". She suggested that if one of them could leave his name on the tablet of the golden elixir first, the’grass returning elixir ‘would be given to him. At that time, both of them could not leave their names on the tablet of the golden elixir, but the nun gradually fell in love with one of them. Soon the nun was pregnant, and once the nun and the male nun who practiced with her said that when they left this world in the future,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, how could their children survive in this cruel realm of cultivation? She told Jindan Friar, who was practicing with her, that at least one of them should be left to take care of their children in the future. She repeatedly asked the male monk to ask his friend to go back to Cao Huandan to be promoted to yuan Ying and stay to cultivate their children. But the male Xiu said that they had made an appointment at the beginning, who could leave his name on the tablet of the golden elixir test first, and who would own the’grass returning to the elixir ‘. He has not left his name on the Golden Elixir Test Tablet now, so he can’t ask for’Cao Huandan ‘. But the nun kept asking the male nun to try, and if it didn’t work, then forget it. “Did he try?” Chen Yugen asked again. Bo Rong nodded, “try, at that time that female nun took male nun to try name tablet square, when that male nun wants to try name.”. The nun suddenly took out an elixir and handed it to the male nun, saying that it was an elixir to increase the explosive force. The male nun didn’t care at that time, so he took the elixir. Suddenly he interrupted and said, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, “Is that elixir the’Epiphyllum ’?”? If I’m not wrong, the man has left his name after taking this elixir. Borong sighed, nodded again and said, “Yes, that elixir is Epiphyllum Pill. After taking the elixir, the male Xiu felt that his Zhenyuan and Xiu Wei had suddenly doubled. He even left his name on the tablet of the Golden Elixir.”. It’s just that he just left his name, and the Zhenyuan and Xiuwei that broke out have disappeared. “The name is also worthy of the name, and the epiphyllum is really a flash in the pan.” He said sarcastically that he was sure that the purpose of Bo Rong’s story was to let himself eat an epiphyllum. Borong nodded and replied, “Yes, the’epiphyllum ‘is indeed a flash in the pan. After eating the’epiphyllum’, you can more than double your cultivation, truth and even divine consciousness in a very short time.” “In the end, everyone was happy. The man left his name on the tablet of the golden elixir. It seems that’Cao Huandan ’belongs to him.” Chen Yugen clapped his hands and said. Borong shook his head this time and said, “You’re right, ‘Cao Huandan’ does belong to him, and his friends are very happy.”. But his name on the golden elixir test tablet disappeared without a trace within a month, which was totally different from the names left by other golden elixir monks.
When his friend learned that his name had disappeared, he was so frightened that he thought something had happened to the man and hurried to find him. Only to find that the man had nothing to do, he quickly asked what was going on. Chen Yugen interjected again, “did he tell the truth?” Borong shook his head and said, “No. He felt that he had taken the elixir before he left his name on the tablet. He was a little ashamed of his friend and said he didn’t know.”. Later, his friend asked among the monks who saw him trying his name, only to learn that he had taken a temporary burst of elixir, that is to say, he had cheated. His friend was very disappointed when he got the news. What he cares about is not a’grass return Dan ‘, what he cares about is the loss of a best friend. Later, because of this, he was depressed and unhappy. He was possessed by the devil in a practice and finally lost his body. When the cheating nun learned that his friend had died because of this, he was equally depressed, and finally left all his things to the nun and committed suicide. But the’epiphyllum ‘is who refined but spread out, many people have used the’epiphyllum’ to try, this Dan has no side effects. But the role of time is also extremely short, only in the test of the monument can be reflected, if it is a battle, simply can not play out the power. The rest of the people were silent when they heard this. Two very good friends should die because of such a misunderstanding, it is not worth it. Borong suddenly looked at him and said, “If you just want to leave your name on the golden elixir tablet, Epiphyllum should be the best choice. Although it’s only a month, it’s enough for you.”. In a month’s time, the name of Jindan Test Stele should be able to spread throughout Nan’anzhou. I think when your friend saw your name, he knew it was you. Kui, of course,brushed stainless steel sheet, does not need’epiphyllum ‘to promote Xiuwei, and then leave his name on the golden elixir test tablet. He believes that although his current strength dare not say that he has entered the top ten, it should be no problem to enter the top three hundred of Nan’anzhou. sxthsteel.com

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This is the gap that Xu Wei has been worrying about. However, it is also like Xiao Xiao’s consolation: “Lao Wei, don’t think too much. Your martial arts level is low now, but your three months of practice is still useful. Otherwise, the celestial flying fairy and the flying fairy can never rise two levels in a row so quickly.”. The most important thing is that you have Inch Crack Six Strike and Xiao Li Throwing Knife. As long as you have these two martial arts, no one can ignore your existence! The words are like this, but Xiao Xiao’s heart is not without worries. She didn’t know anything else, but over the past year, all kinds of martial arts have emerged in an endless stream, which is really difficult to cope with. Only Jiang 12’s Dugu Nine Swords have now risen to the sixth level, and the thirteen deadly swords of the waning moon have now reached the eighth level in an exaggerated way. If the present Xu Wei to the river twelve and the waning moon, in the case of not making an inch crack six strikes and Xiao Li throwing knife, nine times out of ten is to lose. Her consolation came late, and Xu Wei realized one thing after the first World War. When the martial arts to the S level, can no longer rely on practice, actual combat and understanding, are extremely critical! He even had a vague feeling that once he reached the 2S level, he could only really rely on understanding! So he doesn’t think there is a big gap between himself and others. If you don’t have confidence, even if you use any martial arts, it’s just a waste! Thinking of this, a smile appeared at the corners of Xu’s mouth. Chapter 158 of the main text. Updated: 2008-12-30 15:48:38 Words in this Chapter: 4601 “I don’t like the feeling of being followed.” Xiao Xiao looked at Xu Wei and smiled, and as soon as he moved, he immediately flew back like a goshawk! After a slap, Xu Wei saw a figure flying by Xiao Xiao,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, spurting blood at the mouth, flying away obliquely, flying skill is very good! “Damn, I don’t know if it’s ecstasy, but every time I send someone to follow us, I’m bored to death!” Xiao could not help but burst a foul language, and her appearance is very different, if not for Xu Wei has understood Xiao Xiao’s character,304 Stainless Steel Wire, I am afraid it will also be shocked by this foul language. Ok, they are also playing games, as long as we are not embarrassed, then forget it, why bother with them! With a smile twinkling in his eyes, Xu Wei patted Xiao Xiao on the shoulder and said, “There is a debt owner. If you sell us naively, you can go to the door!” Xiao Xiao blinked and sighed, “Maybe the biggest difference between you and me is that you are very considerate, but I am not.”. As you know, I’m more used to talking to people from a strong point of view! So you can only make your own investment, but not the company. Xu Wei smiled disapprovingly. “What’s the difference?”? It’s all the same, but everyone’s choice is different. You chose the right direction for you, and I chose the right direction for me, as long as the choice is right, that’s enough! “That’s true. If we change positions, we won’t be able to do what the other side does!” Xiao Xiao’s eyes sparkled with a giggle. “What’s that called?” He pretended to say. “Yes, ”https://www.sxthsteel.com/stainless-steel-pipe/stainless-steel-welded-pipe/">Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, it’s called performing one’s own duties." At this time, the two men and Dongfang Sheng came to a narrow place where the roadside was full of shrubs and trees. Yes, it’s like everyone has his own mission. When you can find it, that’s right! Xu Wei and Xiao Xiao walked up the road and frowned slightly, which was obviously suitable for ambushing people. Xu Wei even had a vague premonition. He raised his eyebrows and gave Xiao Xiao a look. He continued, “It’s like we play games just to have fun. If someone puts the cart before the horse, it’s ridiculous!” Speaking of the word “ridiculous”, Xu Wei and Xiao Xiao drank a lot at the same time, which made his eardrums buzz.
Two people at the same time to the left and right hand, catch the dragon longitudinal crane to sweep the roadside shrubs, immediately from the shrubs in a person! Xu Wei couldn’t help but burst out laughing: “It’s really strange that someone is willing to hide in the bushes and suffer!” The people on the side of the road see Xu Wei and Xiao Xiao each shot, all know that the other side has been aware of their ambush, all jump out, very skilled and with exquisite attack over! Xu Wei and Xiao Xiao looked at each other, Xu Wei immediately bounced away, Xiao Xiao’s palms hit Xu Wei’s feet, and with a bang, Xu Wei flew out! Xiao Xiao this force, Xu Wei speed faster a few minutes, Peng’s light sound, he hit a person in the arms like lightning, inch crack six hit the other side on the spot to hang up! But at this moment, a bright sword came, the sword was aimed at the throat and eyes, the moves were extremely vicious! Xu Wei broke out in a cold sweat and used the flying magic to pull up in the air and pull away from the other side to maintain his air superiority! The masked man soared into the sky, the sword was fierce and amazing, and the sword gas was shooting all over the sky with the sword! In order to catch the dragon, Xu Zonghe used his sword to eliminate the opponent’s sword, and the sword in the opponent’s palm came to stab his eyes! In this flash of lightning, a scene flashed through Xu Wei’s mind. He exclaimed, “Swordsmanship to ward off evil spirits, you are a spark that starts a prairie fire!”! Spark prairie fire all over a shock, but is speechless, but the palm of the sword is faster to stab Xu Wei! Xu Wei flicked the sword several times with his fingers, and a strong wind came behind him. Xu Wei miraculously dodged in the air. At the same time, he backed into the arms of his opponent and hit him six times. He shouted angrily, “Get down!” Behind the attack is strong, but as long as Xu Wei is in the air, then this airspace will be Xu Wei’s airspace, and how is Xu Wei’s opponent! Under the inch crack six blows, this person even calls also too late, is killed on the spot! Only under the attack of the ghostly swordsmanship, Xu Wei was distracted to attack others, which was asking for trouble. Although Xu Wei moved with all his strength, the sword in the palm of Spark Prairie Fire pierced deeply into Xu Wei’s waist. Xu Wei only felt severe pain all over his body, and his body twitched unceasingly! Spark Prairie Fire was overjoyed, pulled out the sword, blood shot out, and stabbed again with the sword! Suddenly saw a, no, should be a flash of light, sparks start a prairie fire,mirror stainless steel sheet, only to feel a sharp pain in the throat, his whole energy as if from this wound all out in general, was shot on the spot!. sxthsteel.com

Mrs. Fu is fair and beautiful.

The food had been cooked by Zhang Ma for a long time and was placed on the table with good color, fragrance and taste. Shen Tao took a look at his favorite braised short ribs and Fu Xinnian’s favorite steamed crucian carp. The uncles and uncles had already taken out good wine to entertain them. When the family sat down, Fu Xinnian’s turtleneck sweater was quickly broken by his young nephew, “Uncle, why do you wear a turtleneck in such a hot day?” As soon as he said this, everyone’s eyes all brushed together to look at Fu Xinnian’s neck, quickly moved away, cousin’s daughter-in-law carefully pushed the little nephew, whispered reprimand, “Don’t talk nonsense.” Little nephew immediately protested, “I did not talk nonsense, uncle’s neck is a red mark, as if it was scratched by something.” As soon as this word came out, everyone did not speak, but the atmosphere at the dinner table was already slightly wrong. Shen Tao’s beautiful hands were peeling shrimps, and when she heard this, she gently moved the long nails on her hands, because in everyone’s eyes, her hands were a pair of lethal weapons. Fu Xinnian raised his eyes and looked at Shen Tao in his spare time, as if to say that he had done a good thing to see how you ended up. Fortunately, Shen Tao took off his film gloves and approached Fu Xinnian shyly. A beautiful head rested on Fu Xinnian’s shoulder. He said shyly, “It’s me. Last night, we made trouble. I..”. I accidentally scratched it. 。” Then he lay intimately on Fu Xinnian’s neck and blew, “Does it hurt?” “Oh, oh, oh.” The Fu family laughed twice and immediately understood what it meant. Little nephew is still reluctant to leave, "little aunt,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, why do you want to play with little uncle, this is not very dangerous?" Cousin daughter-in-law coquettish blush, scold, “adults talk, children do not interrupt.” Shen Tao deliberately glanced at Fu Xinnian and chuckled, “It’s not dangerous, your little uncle..”. Like 。” Mrs. Fu heard a hearty laugh, “I’m relieved to see that your husband and wife have such a good relationship.” Fu Xinnian pinched Shen Tao’s delicate white fingers at the dinner table in front of everyone, which was a pity. Seeing that the time was ripe, Mrs. Fu said, “Your mother-in-law told me about it when she came yesterday. She asked if you two had a good relationship and if there was any movement.” Shen Tao’s mother-in-law is the second marriage, counting up is Fu Xinnian’s stepmother, but raised from childhood to how many places out of the feelings. Shen Tao understood what the old lady meant and said coquettishly, “How can it be so fast?” The old lady smiled. “That’s what I told her, ”https://www.sxthsteel.com/stainless-steel-pipe/stainless-steel-decorative-pipe/decorative-stainless-steel-pipe-tube.html">Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,304 stainless steel wire, but, ah, it’s time to have children after marriage." Shen Tao acts like a spoiled child, “people still want to play for a few more years.” “Play, you play to your heart’s content, and your mother will help you take care of it when you are born, so you don’t let the young couple worry about it.” Old Mrs. Fu thought thoroughly and blocked Shen Tao’s mouth. Shen Tao had nothing to say. He looked up at Fu Xinnian and wanted him to say a few words. As a result, he said, “Grandma said yes.” “Ha ha, well, I’m just waiting to hold my great-grandson.” Shen Tao At tea after dinner, Shen Tao took out the gift of shopping with Han Li in the afternoon and showed it to everyone. What he gave to Grandma was an authentic painting by a famous painter. Knowing that Grandma had painted a good painting when she was young, it was also to her liking. Grandpa was given an accordion, knowing that Grandpa usually likes to tinker with these things, but also specially went to the bookstore to get two videos for him to follow. Finally, he gave Fu Xinnian a tie. Shen Tao usually had a good eye for clothes. The tie was silky in texture and exquisite in workmanship. The color he chose also matched Fu Xinnian’s temperament. Shen Tao took it in his hand and compared it with Fu Xinnian’s chest. “Grandma, you see.” “Yes, Xiaotao has a good eye.” Cousin daughter-in-law immediately answered, “sister-in-law is really a thousand good, people also look very beautiful.” Suddenly, everyone praised Shen Tao to the sky with a rainbow fart. Shen Tao smiled and laughed. Suddenly, the little nephew tilted his head and asked, “Aunt is so beautiful, why do people say she is ugly?” Shen Tao “Who said that?” The little nephew is innocent. “On the Internet, my mother said that she could curse people on the Internet.”.
” Cousin’s daughter-in-law slapped her little head lightly. “When did I say that?” “Whoo, you say that female stars on the Internet will be scolded.” That’s a female star. How can your little aunt be scolded? How can you talk? “Whoo, Mommy is hitting me.” The little nephew ran to the old lady crying. The whole family was amused by the little guy. That night, Shen Tao and Fu Xinnian stayed at the Fu family residence, two people in a room, Shen Tao or like at home after taking a bath out of a process to apply skin care products on his face. Think of the old lady’s words can not help but secretly look at Fu Xinnian, the man wearing a loose robe leaning on the head of the bed, holding a document in his hand is carefully reading, there is no sign of wanting to do that. This dog man is quite calm. Shen Tao pretended not to know everything and went to bed. Fu Xinnian was busy expanding overseas projects when he just got married. He flew to Australia for two months on the wedding night, and then flew to Paris less than two days after he came back. It was more than half a month, which was equivalent to three months of marriage. The time they stayed together added up to less than ten days. Shen Tao was lucky to escape several times before, but tonight Mrs. Fu put the heavy responsibility of giving birth to a child on her head, and Shen Tao was somehow nervous tonight. On the bed, the whole person was lying flat, the body was stiff and motionless, glanced up at Fu Xinnian, “don’t you sleep?” “You go to bed first, and there are still some documents to read.” Shen Tao made a gesture in his heart. All right, you pay attention to rest and don’t look too late. Shen Tao chuckled, estimating that the dog man was not interested in her tonight,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, thinking so, sleepiness came and fell asleep. The author has something to say: Ask for a collection. It looks good. Please move your little hand to make a fortune. Chapter VI Shen Tao went shopping with Han Li for a whole day this afternoon. She was so tired that she was pressed on the bed in the middle of the night without knowing it. She only vaguely remembered that her mouth seemed to have been kissed, but she was too sleepy to open her eyes until a sharp pain hit her. Shen Tao got up from the bed with a scream of “ah”. sxthsteel.com

Rosa roxburghii blossoms for another year

Su Zili looked around, the students had set out in twos and threes, and the rest of the cars were full. She looked at her watch and began to run to the gate. Where are you going? When Chen Jing saw Su Cili looking around, he began to walk to the school gate and hurriedly got out of the car to chase her. Go to take the bus. Without looking back, Su Zili said that there was still half an hour to go, and it should be too late to take the bus. It is really difficult for her to ride in the same car with Chen Jing. When Chen Jing saw that she was trying to avoid the plague, he couldn’t help shouting, “So you don’t like me?” Susan stopped in her tracks. Chen Jing quickly caught up with her, turned her around and whispered, “Ah Li, don’t you like me so much?” The man in front of him was red-eyed and sunken. “I don’t blame you,” he said. Then why don’t you want to be with me? Why don’t you want to take my car? Chen Jing was powerless. “Are you still blaming me?” Su Zili shook his head. She didn’t blame him, and she even knew that she was wrong about him. But how can she say? Why don’t you want to take your car? Because, as soon as she saw the car, she would think of the teenager who threw the car for her. In the middle of the night, she would always think of his bleeding arm, and she would always think of his red and cautious face on his motorcycle. Let’s go Seeing that the two men were deadlocked, Su Zili compromised and sat in the back seat. The two men were speechless for a moment. Why don’t you drive? Su Cili saw Chen Jing did not start, the bottom of my heart doubt. Chen Jing looked down at his empty waist, and then remembered that the man was no longer a lover, and naturally he would not embrace him. Li, what happened in those years- “Chen Jing hesitated to tell her.” I know. Wang Xiaobei told me all the time. At that time, she mistakenly thought that Chen Jing betrayed herself,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, but later learned that her distrust led to the end of the two people, “I’m sorry.” She owed him that. A Li, “Chen Jing almost shed tears,” I was- " “Let’s go. We’ll be late.” Su Cili interrupted Chen Jing, although she knew that she was wrong about him, but some things did happen, she did not want to hear Chen Jing say that. As long as she thought of those fragments, she would feel that her heart was so painful and painful. Li, you blame me after all. Chen Jing looked at Su Zili, who was shuttling through the crowd, and wanted to snatch the bottle from her hand. He knew she was a good drinker, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but was it necessary to drink like that? In such a short time, she has drunk more than ten bottles of beer. Since arriving here, a Li has been avoiding him, sitting down in the farthest place from him for dinner, playing games without being in the same group with him, and even when her classmates heckled the monitor and the commissary in charge of studies to drink a cup of wine, she refused because she had a boyfriend. Isn’t that guy yuan Ji? Don’t you think he knows? Two people are just holding hands, what boyfriend! Chen Jing said to himself, holding the wine glass in his hand more and more tightly. Why was he the only one who was so entangled? He really wanted to tear up her smiling face to see if she was so happy inside! Chen Jing made up his mind to pick up his glass and walk over to Su Zili. So Ari, you’ve started your own company? A girl said in surprise. It’s not a company. I just help my sister buy some Rosa roxburghii. Susan doesn’t want to be too special in front of her classmates. Oh, “the girl’s expression softened a little.” At that time, you and Chen Jing were both escorted. I don’t know how many people envied you. “Well, speak of the devil, the squad leader is here.” Chen Jing walked slowly toward Su Cili, and before he could open his mouth, he was surrounded by a group of girls. Monitor, is your return to China for a long time or a short time? “Monitor, I heard that you are studying at Carnegie Mellon University. The computer of that school is world-class. Do you plan to develop in China?” “Monitor, do you have a girlfriend?” …… Su Cili saw Chen Jing smiling and answering the questions raised by the girls one by one. Whenever he said an answer, all the girls present would exclaim. Su Cili thought that Chen Da Monitor was as charming as ever. Looking at the current situation, it is better for her to find a male classmate to drink by herself.
When Chen Jing saw that Su Cili had managed to escape again, he could not help but secretly hate himself for why he had arranged for men and women to be separated. If only he had known earlier, he would have let them go one-on-one. After dinner, the crowd shifted their positions to KTV. Lao Xiao went back early because he had to go to class. In the absence of the teacher, the group naturally played even more crazily. As soon as Chen Jing’s proposal of men and women sitting alternately was exported, it was unanimously agreed by the male compatriots. Chen Jing naturally took the opportunity to sit beside Su Cili. When he saw the man beside him with a proud face, he suddenly remembered that he had looked at himself like that four years ago, laughing at himself for not learning to ride a bicycle anyway. You’re driving me anyway. At that time, she was right to retort. Su Zili laughed at herself. Today is different from the past. Now she has even learned how to ride a motorcycle. Not wanting to sing, Su Zili simply punched the boys around him. Chen Jing watched her drink a cup of white wine, and the anger in her heart finally burst out. Ignoring the surprise of the crowd, he pulled Suzi Li out of the private room. What are you doing? After a while, the students will misunderstand. Although not many people saw, Su Cili was still a little worried, she struggled to go back, but Chen Jing’s hand was too strong, she had no power to fight back. Misunderstanding? What are you afraid they will misunderstand? This one? Chen Jing pressed Su’s body against the wall and kissed him face to face. Chen Jing, you let go. Su Cili struggled desperately,Magnesium Oxide price, but as Chen Jing’s strength increased, she gradually lost her voice. She found that she was still nostalgic for his smell! She obviously hates this man. Class reunion “You ran away in the middle of the row just now. Come and finish this cup quickly!” As soon as Su Zili returned to the private room, the boy who had just punched her came over with a large glass of wine. Susan looked around as if no one had noticed what had just happened. She breathed a sigh of relief and gulped down the wine in her glass. stargrace-magnesite.com

Imperial grace ripples

The watch of bazaar does not have really hundreds of thousands of cannot fall, Zhao Xiao opens one’s mouth, vague way: “Also not very expensive, more than 500…” Song Jin continued to look at the watch, and then said to Zhao Xiao: “You should bargain.” Zhao Xiao: “Your Majesty is really good at joking. You can’t bargain for things in the market.” “Is it?” Song Jin smiled meaningfully, then put the watch on his wrist, and then raised his hand to show Zhao Xiao, happy way: “Xiao, I still like it very much.” Zhao Xiao smiled cooperatively: “It’s good that the emperor likes it.” If Song Jin knew that this watch only cost 108 yuan, would she dislike it. In fact, before giving the gift, Zhao Xiao felt that the gift of 108 was quite good. As a result, Song Jin’s “very expensive” immediately raised the price of the watch more than five times. Zhao Xiao is a little guilty, causing Song Jin to come to her after dinner, a little afraid to look directly at Longyan. Song Jin came to call her tonight, not to let her go to him to do her homework, nor to test her recent learning situation. To her surprise, Song Jin was going to invite guests to sing. When she opened her mouth, she still looked like she went to KTV every day. Song Jin looked down at the time on her wrist and raised her head: “It’s still early. Let’s go to KTV to sing.” Zhao Xiao: “..” —— Song Jin asked for a couple’s box in the Rainbow Paradise in the city center. He followed the waiter to the box. Zhao Xiao immediately rushed to the song-ordering platform and began to order songs. After ordering a few songs he wanted to sing, he looked up and asked Song Jin: “Your Majesty, do you want to sing a song?” Song Jin cleared her throat and shook her head stiffly: “No.” Zhao Xiao is definitely not a person who stops while he is getting better: “Last time I found several songs on your mobile phone.” It means that your Majesty,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, don’t hide it. You look like you want to sing. Don’t be too hypocritical. Song Jin came over to Zhao Xiao and said, “You sing first, and I’ll order it myself later.” “Okay.” When the music sounded on the big screen, Zhao Xiao picked up the wheat on the tea table and looked up and said to Song Jin, “I sang first.” Song Jin nodded: “Sing.” Say that finish, sit down on the edge of Zhao Xiao, then reach out to embrace her, embrace her to his thigh. Zhao Xiao simply took off his shoes and half leaned on Song Jin. When the music sounded,calcium nitrate sol, he began to sing sentence by sentence, from “Stories of a Small Town” to “Can’t Afford to Hurt” in the top of the charts. After singing, he gasped in Song Jin’s arms. Song Jin poured a glass of clear water and handed it to Zhao Xiao: “I have neglected to exercise again recently. I am already weak.” Zhao Xiao took a sip of the water and handed the wheat to Song Jin: “Your Majesty, please sing instead.” —— Song Jin turned over and over at the song-ordering stage for a long time and turned her head to ask Zhao Xiao, “Why isn’t there that song?” “Which one?” Zhao Xiao climbed up from the sofa behind Song Jin and put his head close to him. “Your Majesty, what song are you looking for?” Song Jin coughed slightly and unnaturally, then pushed her aside and continued to look through the song-ordering platform. Zhao Xiao did not give up, but said, “Do you want me to help you?” Song Jin turned his face and gave Zhao Xiao a warning look. Zhao Xiao finally stopped being warm-hearted to help Song Jin order songs and let him grope for them. After a while, a new song appeared on the screen immediately. It was Song Jin’s “Live Five Hundred Years Again”. Zhao Xiao looked at the screen, the emperor actually can cut the song, put his own song on the top, but also her song “Love Business” cut off. When the prelude of “Live Another Five Hundred Years” sounded, Song Jin picked up another microphone, paused for a long time, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and then began to sing: "Along the gentle curve of the ups and downs of the rivers and mountains, the Central Plains and the North and the South of the Yangtze River, facing the affectionate company of ice skates, snow swords and wind and rain, I cherish the golden years that heaven has given me.. Looking at the iron hoof clanging across thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, I stand on the cusp of the wind and waves, holding the sun and the moon tightly rotating.. Zhao Xiao squatted on the sofa, singing Song Jin was the first time she saw, although out of tune in several places, Zhao Xiao’s heart kept beating and beating, she reached out to touch her chest, feeling to shock.
“May the fireworks world be peaceful and happy, and I really want to live another five hundred years..” Lovers box light blurred, Song Jin’s face and look hidden in the flashing lights, Zhao Xiao looked up at him, only to feel a little sour corner of the eye, chest warm tingling waves swept up, such Song Jin, like stepping on thousands of mountains and rivers, even if the body has been exhausted, but the heart still has the faith that does not fall. At the end of the music, Zhao Xiao immediately clapped his hands: “The emperor sings really, really, really well!” Holding the microphone in her hand, Song Jin turned her face and sang another song. It was an English song called “Take me to your heart”. When Zhao Xiao held his cheeks in his hands and listened to Song Jin singing the song, he secretly translated the name of the song in his heart. Let me get to your heart? Keep me close to your heart? Zhao Xiaotong blushed, as if there was a heat wave in his head, as if a voice sounded in his ear: Zhao Xiao, listen quickly, this song is sung by Song Jin for you. It’s really “infinite honor, infinite glory.” Later, in the second year of Song Jin’s departure, when Zhao Xiaopan sat on the ground listening to the song, it turned out that the song “Take me to your heart” had a Chinese name, called “Kiss Goodbye”. That night, Zhao Xiao listened to a night of “kiss goodbye”, she is really brain is not good, it will take more than a year to understand Song Jin just to say goodbye to her. As soon as Song Jin finished singing, the cell phone on the tea table rang. Because she was exactly the same as Song Jin’s cell phone, Zhao Xiao was used to reaching out for it. Just as she was about to reach out, Song Jin picked up the vibrating cell phone on the table, looked at the display screen, and said to Zhao Xiao, “I’ll go out and answer the phone.” Zhao Xiao raised his head and said, “I’m waiting for you to come back.” Song Jin nodded, then walked out of the box, picked up the phone to answer: “What’s the matter?”? Yourong. The author has something to say: Today is very early to update,Magnesium Oxide powder, because the evening is very busy ~ so there are two more meters ~ next time I have time, wait for the next weekend to see if I can update a few more chapters ~ PS: Qin Zilin is Gu Yourong ~ ~ ~ ~ In addition, yesterday’s points have not been sent to you ~ ~ will be sent together with today’s message ~ ~ quack ~ then I will send points ~. stargrace-magnesite.com

A group of people are jealous

Not a bad idea, oh, this big summer, go to the European coastal city for a walk is really good, and the sisters and sisters in the first year with him, do not express a bit not enough meaning, but a few younger generation of beautiful people have been blaming him for not having time to accompany them to have fun. And most importantly. Too many things have happened recently, which can be used as a buffer, so that people like Wu Keqiong can get used to the feeling of being with everyone, and let her frozen heart melt faster. I’m afraid that she doesn’t want to go at all, and the little prick of 005 has not made any progress in the relationship with her recently. I’m not sure. It’s better to be sure. After informing her sister about the situation, Yinger did not mind and happily expressed her willingness to pay for all the participants. Like Bai Yu, she is the woman who knows Xiao Ying’s embarrassing story best. If I had known Xiao Ying’s coquettish heart, I would have known that a man like him could not be devoted to a woman. If he was jealous, his life would be shortened by twenty years. How many human beings have twenty years? The answer is few, so don’t be jealous of him. Brother, give me a kiss. Before hanging up the phone, Yinger asked Xiao Ying softly. Xiao Ying chuckled and gave her a kiss. “Silly girl, how nice it would be to kiss again when we meet.”. You do it. “Wow!”! Really! Hooray! Yinger’s voice was fading away, but the phone could still hear two crackles,Magnesium Oxide price, which should have thrown the poor phone on the carpet. Xiao Ying was once again moved by his sister’s deep feelings. Look at yourself, do not understand what is good, a fat handsome man, silly even the whole group do not want the big fool. Is it worth this outstanding sister’s affection? The handsome guy who chased her was counted as a group army. Well, I can only praise fate. Ha-ha. A moment later, Yinger arrived and hugged him and gave him a burning kiss. Brother Xiao Ying licked his lips like a pig. “Sister’s kiss is so sweet!”! Ha-ha “It’s good that my brother likes it. He loves you so much!” Yinger kissed him a few times and sat down opposite him. "Brother, my sister has done a lot of things for you these days. I asked you to visit the fifteen most interesting countries in the European Union,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, ha ha." She fanned the wind with her little hands, her little white face turned red, and there were little sweat stains on her little nose, which made her look anxious. Xiao Ying wiped her sweat and said in surprise, “What? What did you do? Why don’t I know?” “You are still confused here, the family is very dissatisfied with your continuous use of group power, saying that your bet will be completed, you should chase the girl by your own strength.” Yinger gave Xiao Ying a white look and blamed him for not understanding her efforts. Damn it, why can’t I use it? Am I a group employee? I just said I didn’t want to be the head of the family. I didn’t break away from the group. I used my own money and power to do things. What’s wrong with that? Xiao Ying’s big eyes are about to stand up. Although Xiao Ying does not have a regular job in the group, he has great power and a considerable proportion of equity. He just doesn’t want to use the money and power unless he has to. Are those old guys all funny? They can’t figure out such a simple truth. A bunch of old wood! Yinger burst out laughing, “Brother, how can you say the same thing as I did to those old guys? Hehe, that’s what I said about them. I scolded them all. Haha, my sister did a good job. Heh heh!” At this point, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,caustic calcined magnesite, she stretched out her little white right hand and hit Xiao Ying’s right hand with a “bang”. This is the action that their brother and sister often do, and they have a tacit understanding. Speaking of the fit with Xiao Ying, no one in the world can be better than Yinger, she seems to be born for Xiao Ying, she is the marriage woman arranged by God for him, she is like his rib! Xiao Ying often read, still deeply regret torturing her for so long! “Then I don’t need to go back and scold those old guys, ha ha.” Xiao Ying in the family is the darling, is God’s favored son, he is not afraid of anyone, before the family internal affairs, he often expressed his views, never give up their power. No, my sister will take care of it for you, and I’m not afraid of them, giggle. Yinger waved her hand, causing a tremor in her towering chest. Brother and sister talked a lot, and Yinger was very sympathetic to him. She couldn’t help Wu Keqiong, but she wanted to help him “deal with” Chen Jie’s ex-husband.
“No,” said Xiao Ying hesitantly. “Don’t break the law.” “You’re afraid I’m looking for my cousins. No, I’m not interested in breaking his arms and legs. I just want that guy to be too busy to take care of himself. Do you think a normal man may not have a lover for more than ten years for an ex-wife he can’t find?”? According to you, he is a henpecked man. Yinger came over and muttered to Xiao Ying for a while. After that, they smiled at each other. At this moment, it seemed that they had returned to their childhood. How many people who were considered to be annoying were repaired by their brother and sister. Chapter 47, Sections 3 and 4 It’s dawn. Outside the window, people were already walking and talking, and the hustle and bustle of voices came into the room, making the middle-aged man unable to sleep any more. Glancing at his watch, it was only six o’clock. He had no choice but to get up from bed, turn off the air conditioner that had been on all night, yawn along his eyelids, and step on his slippers to wash. He looked up at the mirror and wanted to comb his hair, but he froze. Who was in the ***ing mirror? Bloody eyeballs, dull and dull eyes, iron-hard beards growing in all directions, loose face skin.. If the mirror was in my hand, it would have fallen off by now. In his narcissistic head, a few words appeared very sadly: Think of Gongjin in those days, Xiao Qiao married for the first time, with heroic hair, feather fan and silk ribbon scarf. When Xiao Chen first married him, he was envious of countless sexual predators. Her noble temperament, beautiful appearance and gentle personality made him feel glorious and happy. Having such a wife is the wish of all men in the world. And he himself, though not a handsome and unrestrained person, had just been put in an important position in the government department at that time,Magnesium Oxide powder, and his official career was called a smooth one, which was very heroic. The two of them were very right, and they were always an enviable pair when they walked outside. stargrace-magnesite.com

The Scavenging Life of the Prodigal God

Jiuxi Mountain was the place where they met for the first time. At that time, the little boy lost his way and the little girl took him out of the mountain. So the little girl kept saying that he picked it up by himself. The little girl put her hands on her hips, learning to raise the goddess’s usual fierce appearance, trying to bluff the little boy in front of her, but unfortunately the tender baby face is a lovely look. Undaunted, the little boy grabbed her and said, “You’re lying. The other gods outside say that master is my birth parent every day, but every time I ask them what a birth parent is, they never mention it.” The little boy was holding the little girl with two hands, but suddenly a gust of wind blew up his sideburns, and one of them ate one of his own hair without noticing. He quickly pulled out a hand, pulled the hair that had been scattered during the chase, and continued, “If I knew my parents, then I should have called Master the Father God. But whenever I mentioned this, Master was very unhappy and confused me.” The little girl patted the little boy on the shoulder as if she had not been caught by the hand of an adult. She did not forget to touch the little boy’s face and said, “Since so many gods say such things, it must be reasonable. Your master is not happy that you call him father. Naturally, he has his own reasons.” I don’t know where to hear the words,Magnesium Sulphate producer, the little girl continued to encourage: “You don’t care about those adults, just remember that you were picked up by me, they often say that life without brains is the happiest.” The little boy thought for a moment and said, “You mean a contented person is always happy?” The little girl curled her lips and said, “The meaning is almost the same. Why do you think so much at such a young age?” “Five thousand years old is not young.” The little boy was afraid that the little girl would be angry and argued in a low voice. He remembered that the Goddess of Education had said that human beings came of age very early and could not live for a hundred years. Compared with human beings, they had already lived for several lifetimes. He could not say that he was still young. I haven’t seen you for a while, but you have learned to argue with me? See what I can do to you. The little girl threw a few fireballs with spiritual power. The fireballs began to look quite powerful, but they went out with a “sniff” before they flew out a few steps. The little boy did not hide. Anyway,dap diammonium phosphate, even if he stood still, it didn’t matter according to past experience. The little girl saw that he was not afraid at all and was even more angry: “You actually look down on me, I … …” I The little girl couldn’t say anything powerful for a long time. She cried with a cry of “wow”. While crying, she sobbed and said, “I’m going to tell your master that you bullied me.” Whoo, whoo.. The little boy looked at a loss. He stood still. How could he bully her? The more the little girl cried, the more sad she became. Finally, he sat on the ground and hurried forward to help her up. As a result, the little girl angrily shook off his hand. Seeing her like this, the little boy could only squat down, took out a hairpin with a pink crystal and handed it to her, saying, “Don’t you always envy the goddesses for having beautiful hairpins?”? I have nothing to exchange with them, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, can only do it yourself, you don’t cry, how can I be willing to bully you. While sobbing, the little girl secretly opened her fingers to look at the hairpin, and did not pick it up, so she continued to sob, but the tears had stopped, leaving only a dry howl. Seeing that the method worked, the little boy made a gesture to put away the hairpin and said with regret, “You refused to accept it because I made it too ugly. Then I will give it to other goddesses and make a better one for you next time.” As soon as the little girl heard this, she grabbed the hairpin and said, “Since it’s for me, how can I give it to someone else? Just be ugly. I don’t mind. But if you want to make a better hairpin for me, then make it for me earlier.” The little boy nodded, as long as she did not cry, let alone a hairpin, ten hairpins are no problem. The seventy-first chapter is one after another. Yueqingmei was aware that the scene in her dream was very good. Just as she was about to continue to look down, she was suddenly disturbed by a spiritual force in her dream. The spiritual platform, which had been somewhat chaotic, suddenly Pure Brightness. She slowly felt the noise around her, and felt bitter in her mouth. A pungent and unpleasant smell of medicine was passing through her tongue and flowing into her throat. Finally, she could not help opening her eyes slowly.
“Doctor, please stay. My master is awake. Come and have a look!” Seeing Yue Qingmei wake up, Ruyan hurriedly called in the doctor who had gone to the door, and Feng Huai’an followed the doctor into the room. The Imperial Physician exclaimed, “If the girl can wake up so quickly, it should be no big deal. It’s just that she has to continue to drink the medicine. When the medicine is finished these days, if there are no other symptoms, there is no need to fill the medicine again.” Yue Qingmei thanked the old doctor, and when Ruyan sent the old doctor out, she looked at Feng Huai’an and asked, “Has it been confirmed that the four princes are going to enter the Kingdom of Li?” Feng Huai An saw that the first thing she did when she woke up was to ask this question. She said coldly, “You left the window open in the middle of the night. Are you so worried about this that you vomit blood?” “Answer me first.” “No, my father is still thinking about it. The ministers have different opinions. There won’t be a result so soon.” When Yueqingmei heard him say this, she knew that the effect of the ghost flower had not yet come into play. She didn’t ask any more questions. She leaned back lazily and felt a foreign body sensation on the back of her head. Then she remembered that she had used an aloes wood hairpin before she fainted, and that she probably hadn’t taken it off yet. You haven’t answered the question I asked just now. Feng Huai An really couldn’t ignore the fact that she wanted to be married and vomited blood. She also thought that Feng Mingcheng had told him that the conversation between them was not going well. She once again affirmed the idea that Yue Qingmei was because of Feng Yun. Yue Qingmei only said “no”, and then did not answer again, such as smoke to send the doctor back to see the strange atmosphere in the room, pick up the medicine just did not finish to prepare to heat up. Feng Huai An stopped her and took the medicine and said, “You don’t have to bother so much. Put the medicine down and go out.” After waiting for the smoke to go out, he put the medicine aside and sat down in front of Yue Qingmei and said, “Since it’s not because of the younger brother of the seven emperors, why on earth did you do this?” Yue Qingmei thought about it carefully. In fact, she didn’t know the reason. At that time,Magnesium Sulphate price, the force was too overbearing. She was caught off guard. Fortunately, the wooden hairpin blocked most of her at that time. Otherwise, I’m afraid it would be a bad luck. stargrace-magnesite.com

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